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AP PHOTOS: A look at aftermath of torrential rains, storms

HOUSTON (AP) — Residents must sort through waterlogged debris after deadly and destructive storms dumped inches of rain from the Hill Country to Houston in Texas, as well as parts of Oklahoma. More than two dozen people died in the severe weather that hit over Memorial Day weekend, including 13 in the Texas-Mexico border town of Ciudad Acuna, Mexico. A wall of water roared down the Blanco ...

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Current Conditions for Ukiah, CA
Feels Like: 77ºF
Humidity: 41%
Wind: 6 MPH NNE
Wednesday 84ºF 50ºF
Thursday 87ºF 54ºF
Friday 88ºF 55ºF
Saturday 86ºF 54ºF
Sunday 80ºF 52ºF

Current Conditions for Mendocino, CA
Mostly Cloudy
62ºFMostly Cloudy
Feels Like: 65ºF
Humidity: 76%
Wind: 8 MPH W
Wednesday 66ºF 50ºF
Thursday 65ºF 52ºF
Friday 77ºF 52ºF
Saturday 75ºF 51ºF
Sunday 70ºF 50ºF

Current Conditions for Fort Bragg, CA
Partly Sunny
73ºFPartly Sunny
Feels Like: 73ºF
Humidity: 54%
Wind: 7 MPH WNW
Wednesday 63ºF 50ºF
Thursday 64ºF 51ºF
Friday 67ºF 51ºF
Saturday 65ºF 51ºF
Sunday 63ºF 50ºF

Current Conditions for Lakeport, CA
Intermittent Clouds
70ºFIntermittent Clouds
Feels Like: 70ºF
Humidity: 58%
Wind: 15 MPH NNE
Wednesday 81ºF 51ºF
Thursday 84ºF 53ºF
Friday 86ºF 54ºF
Saturday 85ºF 53ºF
Sunday 79ºF 51ºF